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How your cellphone can choose greater landscape shots

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more. Shooting sideways Source: Ted Kritsonis / Android Central Your smartphone is a powerful camera tool, and if you can harness it the right way, you can up your photography game in all the right ways. Landscape photos are a good starting point because…Continue reading

Image Shoot Sets Fireplace to Household, Photographer Faces A number of Felonies

Valentine’s Day makes everyone act a little crazy. Couples can be particularly batty. But absolutely nothing explains what is going on in this next story. Utah photographer Thomas Shea was arrested for arson and criminal trespass after he initially told officers that he found a house on fire and called them to put it out.…Continue reading

AI photograph application Luminar 4.2provides augmented sky, facial pores and skin enhancing applications

Skylum’s photo editing app Luminar has used AI and machine learning tricks to bolster its last two major releases, bringing AI sky enhancement and object removal tools to version 3, then ML-automated sky replacement and face cleaning tools to version 4. Today, the company is adding a new AI Augmented Sky tool and facial shine…Continue reading

Photo Mistakes? Learning from a “Photo Autopsy”

Sometimes things just don’t work out, you make photo mistakes and your resulting image is DOA – Dead on Arrival.  What went wrong?  To borrow terminology from the world of forensics, determining the “cause of death” might require a “photo autopsy.” A session using investigational tools and procedural techniques can reveal the fatal factors involved. …Continue reading