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How to shoot experienced editorial portraits with only just one or two lights

You may think that a single light isn’t enough to shoot magazine-worthy and professional-looking editorial portraits. But in this video, Elaine Torres shows you how to pull it off. She demonstrates a photo shoot with a single light and a two-light setup, so you can pull it off in a small studio or even at…Continue reading

Checking out Your Household with Shut-Up Filters

A Post By: Simon Ringsmuth Macro photography is all about exploring the wonders of the world around you from a very close distance. Macro lenses let you see the tiniest parts of the world in extreme detail, often exposing an array of colors and patterns hidden right before our eyes. Macro lenses are also expensive!…Continue reading

10 Suggestions for Making use of a Graphics Pill for A lot easier Photograph Enhancing

In terms of post-processing and retouching, there are a lot of basic techniques that you can use with a mouse (a trackpad is even worse) and a keyboard combo. However, once you get into the more complicated stuff, the amount of precision you need to apply becomes tedious and hard to do with that setup.…Continue reading

five No cost and Modern day On line Impression Editors to Change Clunky Packages & Applications

You don’t need to download software like Photoshop for basic photo editing. Everything you need can be found in your browser with these five free online image editors.Advertisement There are a few cool one-click photo enhancement websites, but sometimes, you need to do more. Whether you need to edit images in large batches, remove backgrounds…Continue reading

Resolving 9 perplexing landscape pictures contradictions

If you follow different landscape photographers, you’ve probably heard them give pieces of advice that are completely opposed to each other. Truth to be told, photography is full of contradictions, and they may leave you utterly confused. What to do? Whose advice to take? In this interesting video, Adam Karnacz of First Man Photography goes…Continue reading

Butterfly Pictures Suggestions and Strategies

As a nature photographer, the day often starts with the question: where do I begin? There are so many photographic opportunities, and it is not always easy to choose the right object at the right moment. But among all of nature’s amazing diversity, there is one species you just can’t take bad pictures of: namely,…Continue reading

Photo Mistakes? Learning from a “Photo Autopsy”

Sometimes things just don’t work out, you make photo mistakes and your resulting image is DOA – Dead on Arrival.  What went wrong?  To borrow terminology from the world of forensics, determining the “cause of death” might require a “photo autopsy.” A session using investigational tools and procedural techniques can reveal the fatal factors involved. …Continue reading