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VSCO’s new device is created for moody online video montages

As mentioned, VSCO’s current video editing capabilities are fairly basic; they’re really just repurposed photo filters, which don’t allow for a lot of creativity. Montage, however, is different. VSCO describes it as a multimedia creation tool that lets you combine a variety of photos, videos, colors and shapes into your very own video collage.VSCO showed…Continue reading

How your cellphone can choose greater landscape shots

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more. Shooting sideways Source: Ted Kritsonis / Android Central Your smartphone is a powerful camera tool, and if you can harness it the right way, you can up your photography game in all the right ways. Landscape photos are a good starting point because…Continue reading

Your cellphone digital camera will not usually need to have all people megapixels

Source: Ted Kritsonis / Android Central Anyone paying attention to smartphone specs in recent years may have noticed manufacturers upstaging each other by increasing the megapixel count on their devices. Bigger numbers, bigger sensors and bigger expectations, but all isn’t as it seems once you dig deeper. It harkens back to when digital point-and-shoot cameras…Continue reading

five No cost and Modern day On line Impression Editors to Change Clunky Packages & Applications

You don’t need to download software like Photoshop for basic photo editing. Everything you need can be found in your browser with these five free online image editors.Advertisement There are a few cool one-click photo enhancement websites, but sometimes, you need to do more. Whether you need to edit images in large batches, remove backgrounds…Continue reading